Do not lie to your own psyche. It will make you mentally and physically sick. 
Do not indulge in fantasies, except those fantasies that you make real. Some fantasies do encourage us to lift our sights and believe in ourselves. 
Focus on your affirmed partner as the only sexual image that you look at with any real interest unless deep personal fractures mar the image. 
Deal with every item when it comes to hand and be aware of all matters around you.
Do not pass on comments about other people without first saying it to them if possible.
Otherwise, do not utter a word against another person except in a safe haven where words cannot pass.
Take care of your own and then take care of others.
Make reparations when you can for past mistakes, and if that fails commend the person to God and leave it be. You cannot change the past, except through forgiveness given and received.
Focus on the Dadirri (Da-did-ee) meditation or your chosen way of meditation at least once a day. Dadirri involves deep listening to the Heart of Creation which is embedded in us.
Sink into the softness of the Spirit and don’t let anything EVER take away the peace of the central sanctuary. It is like a Jew breaking into the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem and then looking for more afterward.