A Stand-Alone Boy and the Utterly Profound Touch of Heaven

Arthur Lucas Jones, an Anglican bishop, has always been close to Jesus Christ. Born in the Western plains of New South Wales, about 500 kilometers West of Sydney, Australia, he grew up in a bush background. In sharing his story, he takes readers from his birthplace to Panama in Latin America, back to New South Wales, to the southern state of Victoria, and on to Uruguay, Peru, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, where he did several stints as a professor in a seminary and parish priest of the Episcopal Church over seventeen years.

He also recalls his time in Singapore and India, encountering people of different cultures and languages as he shared the myriad benefits of meeting them and having a close relationship with Christ. His favourite books are the Gospels, and particularly the Gospels of Luke and that of John, which he rates as the most important book ever written. The shadowy figure of Christ that appears in the Gospels, speaking words cut in crystal-clear shapes out of the imprints of life’s experiences, has been with the author since his childhood.

Join the author on an incredible journey within Australia. in Latin America and in Asia (India, Singapore and the Philippines). The brand is Christian, but with great respect for other Faiths and those who are agnostic about such matters.

Book cover 150x150 - A Stand-Alone Boy and the Utterly Profound Touch of Heaven