Love Translates Itself

The Greeks have four words for love: erotic, family, friend and the New Testament word for the love of God and God’s love for us (agape). Somewhere in the deepest meaning of agape is the embroidery of what life means. I heard Mary speaking in heaven one day in the language of heaven, the language of love. Loving intention speaks through every language: it empowers words, whereas rage weakens them. Some people say “I love you” for their own purposes. Others say it and love pours through it to enhance another soul. Lolita Suarez taught me Spanish and she said if I dreamed in Spanish I had made it. The content was not specified! Jesus and all the love-driven ones dreamed of a restored humanity and a restored world filled with love. Their message still rises out of the ground to connect with heaven. When we stand still it passes through the soles of our feet and fills our heart and lifts us to heaven: and we are still standing on one spot! But the next person we meet looks different, and so do we to them. We cannot see our face when we are speaking, but the person(s) in front of us can see it, and the Other can see it.