Diana of the English: The Lost Princess

She came to the Church, flowing train

Prince Charming, Archbishop, vows

Faith hope and love’s sweet refrains

First years pass, children, fame grows.

Protocols of another age rolled aside

Determined, reality, red tape slashed

World’s stage invites, repels, divides

Love’s breakdown, excluded, rejected.

Spurned in power, received in weakness

Touching lepers, lending fame to causes

Reaching out, loving response anonymous

But seeking love yet personal, other hopes.

Desert masters parading wealth, limo-Benz

Under water enmeshed in steel, heart-feeble

Clinical blaze of light, dying without friends

Streets flower-full at home with her people.

Procession bends its way past life-memories

Children gaze in numb grief in a tear-swirl

The lost Princess is found in heart-pictures

Remembered as a voice of care in our world.

Another victim of love’s breakdown looks on

Yeshua knows rejection and tears and sorrow

He recalls joy, laughter and grief overcome

He breathes compassion, her other tomorrow